About us


Advisory Group

The following advisory group will give advice and feedback to the programme’s principle investigator on which projects and directions are most valuable and suitable with respect as the programme progresses.

  • Niels-Aage B. Hansen– Chief Engineer, Novo Nordisk
  • Thomas Howard, Ass. Professor, DTU
  • Janus Juul Rasmussen, Director, Valcon
  • Niels Henrik Mortensen, Professor, DTU 

In addition to the above progamme advisors, an international advisory board will be formed to ensure that the research is globally state of the art, with the following suggested and likely members:

  • Rikard Söderberg, Professor (Robust Design), Chalmers
  • Christopher McMahon, Professor President of Design Society (Product Engineering), Bristol
  • Sandro Wartzack (Robust Design/Tolerance Analysis), FAU-Erlangen

Coordination Group

The coordination group will meet as and when required or around once/yr.  The purpose of the group will be to discuss and respond to any administrative, legal or logistical problems arising during the course of the Robust Design Programme. 
The suggested committee will contain;

  • Palle Høy Jakobsen (NN)
  • Niels-Aage B. Hansen (NN)
  • Thomas J. Howard (DTU) 
  • Christian de Hemmer Widding (DTU)

Other suitable personnel can be invited to the meet depending on the needs and topics to be coved.  Any of the 4 member of the coordination group may call for the coordination meeting.