Master Projects

Title Mechanical Design for Sound
Student(s) Jensen, Annemette Bøgedal & Munch, Natasja Kofod
Submitted 2015, February
In Short Current practices for creating a desired/adequate feedback sound for mechanical mechanisms, are irrelative, design-build-test processes. It seems that very little guidance is available relating dimensions and geometry to a product’s sound output. This study focuses on the design parameters and their sensitivity affecting the sound output of a click mechanism.
Title Experimental Robustness Verification of a Rigid Coupling Concept
Student(s) Klerk, Bo Noergaard
Submitted 2015, April
In Short As a response to the ever-increasing demands for cheaper, lighter and stronger mechanical components Valcon Design A/S has invented a concept for a rigid coupling. The purpose of this report is to analyse, test and verify this concept. The concept is currently being patented by Valcon Design A/S.
Title A Mechatronic Feasibility Study with Focus on Robustness
Student(s) Ingerslev, Mattias & Jespersen, Mikkel
Submitted 2014, December
In Short The project is based on a medical device case provided by Novo Nordisk, and is within the field of development of mechatronic systems and assessment of their robustness. Development Goal: To develop a robust interface between an electronic sensor unit and a mechanical system. The intention is to describe the optimal level of reuse of design in a future platform for the electronic module, and determine the robustness of alternative solutions for integration and interfaces.
Title Improving process capability database usage for robust design engineering by generalising measurement data
Student(s) Bruun Okholm, Andreas & Rask Møller, Mathias
Submitted 2014, January
In Short Process capability database is used to store the statistical ability to produce parts as specified by different manufacturing processes, but has been proven difficult to implement. In this thesis three improvements are proposed and shown through a proof-of-concept software prototype.
Title Construction and design from a robustness perspective of a one-motor auto-injector
Student(s) Al Atraktchi, Abbas
Submitted 2014, July
Title Optimization of catheter release mechanism using a Robust Design approach
Student(s) Gegelashvili, Alexandre
Submitted 2015, February
Title Development of restraining mechanism for ultrasound device using robust design principals
Student(s) Kann Jensen, Rasmus
Submitted 2013, July

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