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Title (tentative) Robust Design of audio equipment

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Format Thesis or also special course (possible for individuals or student team)
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Current developing practices for professional audio equipment focus largely on the key functionality of amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, etc., largely disregarding the influence of the surrounding mechanical assembly. In a collaboration with DTU, ICE Power therefore seeks to investigate the robustness of the mechanical assembly as well as the influence this has on the functional performance. Potential areas to look into are the implementation of kinematic principles to improve the current assembly and interface design, or also a more detailed variation simulation how thermal influences propagate through the assembly


Title(tentative) Quantitative trade-off exploration in mechanism design 
Trade off
Format MSc thesis (possible for invidiuals or also a team of motivated students)
In Short

One aspect of the robust design research at DTU investigates the role that design trade-offs in mechanical assemblies. These trade-offs have been shown to be relevant for a product’s performance as well as robustness, as they usually leave a quite narrow allowable tolerance range for trade-off variables, e.g. product characteristics with a conflicting effect on two different functionalities (please also visit the link on the right if you are interested to learn more). The aim of the project is to advance the current research on a quantitative treatment of these variables for systematically identifying, characterizing and in the end avoiding the corresponding trade-offs during mechanical design. As the used approach combines design thinking with techniques from the field of multi-objective optimization, a good background with matlab/python is desirable.

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